May 2009

So, THAT’s All We Needed?…

That’s the problem!  All we needed was Alex Rodriguez at third base.  Geesh!

Mitchell Layton/The Star Ledger

A-Rod provided the Yankees with all they needed for tonight’s win over the Baltimore Orioles with a 3-run homer in the first inning (and in a statement of the obvious, his first at-bat back from the DL). 

CC Sabathia ensured that the Yankees avoided another problem area…the bullpen!  Mo and company took a seat tonight as CC went the distance in the 4-hit shutout.  Okay, THAT’s worth $161 million!

Geoff Burke/US Presswire

The Yankees won the game, 4-0. 

Johnny Damon continued to play like the Red Sox version, albeit without the beard and long hair…

And Francisco Cervelli surprised me with his excellent play.  The Yanks added catcher Kevin Cash from Triple A-Scranton/Wilkes Barre today to replace Jose Molina who was placed on the DL.  There’s talk that the Yanks should try to sign Johnny Estrada or Paul LoDuca, but if the 23-year-old Cervelli can continue to play like tonight, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be the man until Hip-Hip-Jorge Posada returns.

Hey Tex, three strikeouts?  Seriously?  C’mon Dude, it’s time to start earning that $180 million…

This game doesn’t relieve my dissatisfaction with Manager Joe Girardi, but it was nice for the team to experience a well played game from beginning to end.

Word is that Chien-Ming Wang is getting back to the pitcher that we knew before, so hopefully, when he returns, he’ll match CC for pitch-for-pitch with solid pitching performances.  Meanwhile, I hope that Wang’s replacement, Phil Hughes, throws a no-hitter tomorrow night…particularly considering that I will be in the crowd.  I wouldn’t want to lose 9-2 like a friend of mine recently did…



Today was a sad day considering that former Boston Red Sox great Dom DiMaggio passed away at age 92.


I had recently done a post about Dom (entitled The Little Professor) as a result of a wager loss to Julia of Julia’s Rants.  During that post, I had an ‘Aha!’ moment as I realized that Dom was so much more than just Joe’s little brother. 

He wasn’t the hitter that his famous brother was, but he was a much better centerfielder.  I saw one quote today that said Joe was the third best outfielder behind Dom and brother Vince, but he was still better than everybody else.  What that says to me is that Dom was the premier centerfielder (defensively speaking) during his era.  Had he not gotten hurt, I feel very strongly that the Boston Red Sox would have won the 1946 World Series. 

The research I did also showed me that had I lived in the 1940’s, Dom DiMaggio most likely would have been my favorite player.  Heck, I probably would have even been a Red Sox fan.  Fortunately, I was born at a time that led me to Pinstripes, however, Dom’s contributions to Major League Baseball should never be forgotten.  He lost prime years due to military service during WWII.  Had he played those years, I believe that he’d be in Cooperstown today.  As it stands, he is in the Red Sox Hall of Fame, but he deserved more.  He was not a great player because his name was DiMaggio, he was a great player despite the name.  

Dom, we’re your fans and we will not forget you.  Safe travels on your journey, and enjoy the reunion with your brothers and family. 


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Okay, I know this is a baseball blog and some people get offended by off-topics.  So I apologize in advance.

What the heck is the deal with quarterback Brett Favre?  First, we read that he has sent a text message to Trent Dilfer which states “NO” when asked if he was going to come out of retirement.  Then, we hear that Minnesota Vikings coach is headed to Mississippi to have dinner with Brett.  That’s followed by news that Childress was a late departure from Vikings headquarters so a Wednesday night dinner was out, but there was speculation that Childress had caught an evening flight to Mississippi.  Then, began reporting that Favre had told the Vikings that he wasn’t coming out of retirement.


Okay, fine.   Let’s move on.  Now, there’s news that Brett has provided shoulder x-rays to the Vikings, and if they feel he doesn’t need surgery, there’s a good chance he’ll sign with the team.  C’mon!  What is it with the media circus about Favre every off-season?  Brett must love being the center of attention.  I am not convinced that a 40-year-old can lead the Vikings to the promised land…even if he is a first-ballot Hall of Fame shoo-in. 

Email me when he’s signed with the Vikings.  Until then, shut up!

Have a great weekend!



Yankees Celebrating Sinko de Mayo…


There is NO QUIT in this team! 



Unfortunately, that applies to this team…



…and NOT to this one…


Tim Farrell/The Star Ledger

The Yankees losing streak has now reached 5 games with last night’s 8-6 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays.  Their record stands at 13-15, and they are 5.5 games behind the Toronto Blue Jays (and 4.5 games behind the Boston Red Sox).  The Rays moved past the Yanks by percentage points, so the Bronx Bummers now find themselves in fourth place in the AL East as they head to Baltimore.

My morning began with an email from my friend Kelly in Tampa. 

To: Scott
Sent: Thu May 07 21:43:35 2009
Subject: Victory
and the Rays Win! Rays Win! Rays Win!
I thought it was a nice touch that Joe went out to 
check on M. Rivera to see if he was hurt.  Surely he 
must be hurt if he gives up 2 home runs in one inning 
(first since 1998).
Go Rays!


Somewhere, Julia is smiling…and so is Canuck!  Julia’s team scored 12 runs in one inning to ensure that they were victorious against Cleveland.  Of course, scoring 12 runs in an inning seems to be the only way that the Yanks could withstand yet another bullpen collapse.

The Yankees could conceivably leave Baltimore in last place if they can’t get this thing turned around quickly.  Rest assured that the Orioles will be highly motivated and ready to play.  Can the same be said of the Yankees?  I hope so, but I wish I could say that with full confidence. 

I know that Hal Steinbrenner has much more patience than his father, but how long before Joe Girardi is held accountable?  I am admittedly not a “Girardi-guy”, but I was willing to give him the opportunity.  But we are now in a second season of disappointment (regardless of the injuries) and he has not done anything to show me that he is the right man for the job. 

I know that Don Mattingly wasn’t ready when Joe Torre departed, but how about now?  I know that he still does not have managerial experience, but I am convinced that Donnie Baseball will be highly successful if/when he is ever given the opportunity.  Don has done a tremendous job with the Dodgers hitters, and his personality would be a great fit in the Yankees clubhouse as its voice and unequivocal leader.  Hire Mattingly and an experienced bench coach, and I am sure that the players would begin to play to their potential.

In my opinion, the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Bob Melvin has done more to prove he is a major league manager than Girardi has, and this morning finds Melvin on the unemployment line.  I think he needs some company…

On the bright side, I don’t have to wear a Pink Rays hat so things could be worse!

Let’s hope that A-Rod’s return sparks a revival…this season is far from over…

Lou Gehrig Photo

Let’s Go Yankees!



Help, I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up…

The rain in the Northeast keeps falling, and the Yankees keep losing…

Somehow, the two seem inexplicably intertwined.  Hopefully, sunny skies are ahead, both figuratively and literally…


Of the bullpen guys, I have been a fan of Phil Coke.  He’s one of the few guys that I have felt good about.  Yet, he served up what proved to be the game-winning home run to Tampa Bay Rays Carlos Pena in the 10th inning of last night’s game.  The Yankees lost 4-3. I still have faith in Coke, but I am very troubled by the unreliable bullpen.


Johnny Damon tried to rally the Yanks, with a double in the 10th.  He was on third after a wild pitch, but no one could bring him home.  Mark Teixeira, who had tied the game in the 8th inning with a three-run double, missed his chance at becoming the hero.  Even a deep sacrifice fly to the outfield would have scored Damon but Tex couldn’t come through.  Another missed opportunity for the “defining moment”.  

 Yet again, Damon proved he is a “gamer” when the chips are down.  But none of the other players seem prepared to follow his lead. 


After the game, pitcher A.J. Burnett said, “When it clicks it will be ridiculous.  When it clicks, it will be fun to watch.”  I only hope that the team doesn’t dig too deep of a hole before that happens.


Hole.JPGDespite the quality start by Burnett, the Yankees now have a losing record on the season at 13-14.  It doesn’t get any easier this week, as the Yanks play the Rays again today and then head to Baltimore to play the Orioles (who always play the Yankees tough).

Getty Images 

Meanwhile, Joe Torre is now the proud owner of a record 13-game home winning streak to start the season.  Torre’s comments after the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 10-3 victory over the Washington Nationals reminded me of what I miss about Torre.  He has a great way of always keeping things in perspective.

“Streaks are fine, but we have more important things in mind,” Torre said. “Hopefully, it’s just a stepping stone on the way to something more important. The fact that we’re playing well takes precedence over anything else. The good part about this thing is that this is about winning games, which is what we try to do every day.”

 Joe Torre

John G. Mabangio/EPA

Conversely, Joe Girardi didn’t display the same sense of calm after the Yankees loss…

“It’s a tough loss. No loss is enjoyable, but this is a tough loss,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “Coke made one mistake. He got too much of the plate.”

Girardi needs to take Torre’s lead and focus on winning games…before it’s too late…





A special shout-out to Jane Heller, Confessions of a She-Fan…I hope she’s safe and out of harm’s way with the Santa Barbara fires.  It’s scary times, and at times like this, baseball seems somewhat irrelevant.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those in the Santa Barbara area…


Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times


Down, but not Out…

The worst start of a season series with the Boston Red Sox since 1985…


Yes, Julia of Julia’s Rants has won yet again with the Red Sox sweep of the two-game series with the Yankees.  I think it’s time to take a hiatus from any wagers with Julia.  Maybe Canuck should step to the plate since she seems to have better luck.  I am certainly not getting the job done, so I suppose I should be demoted to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes Barre.



Sadly, there is a pink Red Sox cap in my future, but it will take a few days to make its way from Boston.  So, I have 48 to 36 hours before the humiliation truly begins.  Hopefully, the Yanks can enjoy a reversal of fortune with the Tampa Bay Rays before they begin the weekend series with the always pesky Baltimore Orioles.  Meanwhile, I will continue to wear this hat with pride…


I know that it’s still early in the season, but if the Yanks continue to underperform against key rivals, particularly the Red Sox, Joe Girardi’s future as Yankees manager will truly be in doubt.  I am not a proponent of change for simply making a change, but at some point, the manager has to be held accountable.  It doesn’t help that Joe Torre and the Los Angeles Dodgers just extended their home winning streak to start the season to 12 games.  And they used a stellar pitching performance from noted disappointment Jeff Weaver to get the job done last night.  He didn’t give up 4 runs to start the game.  I am sure that’s what led to the ‘We want Torre!” chants in the 9th inning at Yankee Stadium.  Of course, Torre’s not available.  As much as I would like to see Donnie Baseball return as manager, I would suspect that the next Yankees manager would most likely be someone like Bobby Valentine.


Given that choice, I’d rather stay with Girardi and take my chances.  It will help to get Alex Rodriguez back, however, his production will only make up for the loss of Jorge Posada so there is an incredible amount of pressure on GM Brian Cashman to do something.  I said it in spring training, and I’ll say it again,  The Yankees need a backup catcher that can hit.  At Posada’s age, nagging injuries are to be expected.  Jose Molina at bat feels like a weak-hitting pitcher in the NL.  If he’s the Yankees starting catcher for an extended period of time, the Yankees season is in trouble.




The Yankees need to remember who they are, and begin to play like it…



Enjoy the victory, Julia!  But as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, “I’ll be back!”







Jorge Posada injured the “other” hamstring, and now the Yanks are looking for catching alternatives.  Francisco Cervelli, the only other catcher on the 40-man roster, is currently playing for Double A-Trenton.  







Jose Molina looked like Big Wally behind the plate last night…and played like it…



Courtesy Julia’s Rants




Joe Girardi, who had an early exit thanks to his argument with home plate umpire Jerry Meals.


The home plate umpire throws Joe Girardi out of the game for arguing a called strike three on Derek Jeter in the 5th inning.

David Pokress/Newsday




Phil Hughes, who is now 1-1, thanks to the Yanks failed rally in the 9th and those home runs to Jason Bay and Mike Lowell.  What happened to the 2009 version of Hughes that beat the Tigers last month?  We don’t need any repeat appearances of the 2008 version…


Mike Lowell of the Red Sox trots around the bases after hitting a solo home run in the first inning.

David Pokress/Newsday




Damaso Marte to the 15-Day DL. 



Well, at least Damaso has an excuse.  What about Jose Veras?…





Forget the two home runs, Mark Teixeira missed his “defining moment” when he struck out with two men on in the 9th inning…


Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek tosses the ball to the home plate umpire after Mark Texeira struck out to end the first inning.

David Pokress/Newsday




Me, of course.  However, I may be down, but I am not out.  I am not going to concede defeat to the this woman!  And hopefully the great Rain gods in the sky won’t either for tonight’s game…





I know, I have been neglecting the show (thanks to this blog) and I am now about 6 episodes behind.  At least I have TiVo…





Are the Los Angeles Lakers really 0-1 to start their series against the Houston Rockets?


Lakers are stopped cold by Rockets in Game 1

Los Angeles Times


Kobe, say it ain’t so!





Go Yankees!




With the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 11 home wins to start the 2009 season, Joe Torre has exceeded his personal best.  He started with 10 home wins with the Atlanta Braves in 1983. 


However, he must secretly have a death wish for the winning streak considering the scheduled starter tonight against the Arizona Diamondbacks is the completely forgettable Jeff Weaver.  Good luck with that…


Kevork Djansezian/AP




I was impressed by the Los Angeles Angels decision to take the late Nick Adenhart’s jersey on the road with them this season.  The jersey was at Yankee Stadium this past weekend, and it presently occupies a locker in the visitors’ clubhouse at Oakland Coliseum.



 Joshua Sudock/The Orange County Register



Learning Yankees-Red Sox History…

It’s my 100th blog, and in recognition of the event, I thought I’d show you what Lou the Bear is teaching his new friend, Wally, during tonight’s rain delay!  Lou has taken it upon himself to explain the Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry from the true perspective, rather than the jaded Boston point of view.



 Wally was very surprised to learn that Bucky Dent’s middle name is actually Earl…



Aaron Boone didn’t share the same middle name as Dent?  Wally didn’t know that his full name was Aaron John Boone…



Wally was shocked that the Red Sox would give Babe Ruth away for just $125,000.  Wally wondered what the late 1920’s would have been like in Boston if the Babe had never been traded away.  Alas, we’ll never know as history will only see this…



Wally has discovered there is so much more to learn, and he’s becoming more of a Yankees fan with each passing day!


Sorry Julia, but Wally is really starting to enjoy his new history lessons.  


Go Yankees! 


A Jose Veras-Free Sunday…

I traveled by car…

…by train…

…and by foot to get to New York. 


I left the house at 6:00 a.m., and arrived at Yankee Stadium around 9:00 a.m.  Unfortunately, there was a steady downpour the entire way.  I had a feeling that the rain was the kind that was going to fall all day, but I tried to keep an open mind.  Nevertheless, in the end, the game was called.


IMG_0079 sm.JPG


I still took advantage of the day, and walked around the old Yankee Stadium for sentimental reasons.  I did get the sense that the old Stadium was truly dead, and I am ready for its final farewell.


Inside the new Stadium, I checked out Monument Park.  It was very impressive and it has a much better flow to it (which is more conducive for good photo ops).  I appreciate the respect that they gave Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio and Babe Ruth, as well as the monument for the victims of 9/11.


I also checked out the Yankees Museum. 



It was equally impressive, and it was cool to see actual jerseys worn by the legendary players. I give Ruth and Gehrig a lot of credit for putting up the numbers they did despite wearing those uniforms in the brutal scorching heat of July and August. 

I don’t know the story behind the autographed baseballs or how complete the set is, however, there are many (emphasis on many) signed baseballs in a center display (signed by present and past Yankees).  I recognized most, but I did have to ask myself ‘Was Bryan Little a Yankee?’…

But the one display that touched me the most was Thurman Munson’s Locker.  It had been preserved at the old Yankee Stadium, and was then moved to the museum when the new Stadium opened.  I stood there for a few moments to reflect upon The Captain and to remember how much he meant to my teenage years.  He had been my idol during that time, and like many diehard Yankee fans, I know exactly where I was on August 2, 1979.  It was great for the Yankees and the Munson family to share the locker with the fans…

Ricky Flores/The Journal News

I also ate lunch at the Stadium, and opted for a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich at Carl’s Steaks.  They billed their cheesesteaks as “better here than in Philadelphia”.  I disagree with the Philly reference, but they were quite tasty…

There is no word when the game will be re-scheduled.  The Yankees and the Angels apparently have a mutual day off on September 14th.  However, no decisions have been made and the Yankees indicated that the makeup day would not be announced today.  I will wait to see when the game is re-scheduled before deciding if I will exchange my ticket for another game or go to the re-scheduled game.  Hopefully, whenever it is, it will be much drier…



Julia of Julia’s Rants has made it home from a successful trip to New York.  Her posts have been missed, but I am sure that she’ll make up for lost time.

The Red Sox will be in New York tomorrow to face the Yankees for two games. 


There’s a pink hat riding on the outcome of this two-game series, so I am trusting “Mystique & Aura” to put a pink Yankees hat on Julia’s head.  I had been counting on Jane Heller’s Magic Pen, but she executed the pen following Saturday’s loss.


Courtesy Confessions of a She-Fan

Nevertheless, I’ll take my chances with the Yankees.  I liked the t-shirt I saw today.  I don’t recall the exact words but it was something like “Hey Boston, there never was a curse.  Your teams just sucked.”  Oops, sorry Julia!

Oh, Julia, one more thing, I thought you’d like to know that Lou has befriended Wally and they are starting to watch baseball games together…




I thought you’d like to know that Wally was happy and safe…and somewhat Navy blue…

Have a great week, everyone!



All Good Things Must Come To An End…

The third game of a four game series was simply too much.  The Yanks recent newfound success against the LA Angels came to an end today with the Angels’ 8-4 victory.  It was nice while it lasted considering that the Boston Red Sox were losing while the Yankees were winning the first two games of the Angels series.

CC Sabathia pitched well until he faltered in the 7th inning, and was replaced by Jonathan Albaladejo.  Sabathia took the loss and is now 1-3 in his brief Yankee career.

Jose Veras (Yikes!) was brought in to begin the 8th inning and he proceeded to allow a home run to the first batter he faced (Angels first baseman Kendry Morales).  Manager Joe Girardi has indicated that no major personnel moves will be made with the bullpen.  He fully expects the troubled pitchers like Veras to work through their problems and ultimately pitch to the abilities that brought them to the major leagues originally.  Time will tell if that’s the right move but at the moment, there is not much that is more frightening than a reliever in the Yankee bullpen. 


The Yankees did score three runs in the bottom of the 9th, thanks to a 2-run homer by the very hot Jorge Posada and a run scored by Brett Gardner on an error by Angels outfielder Gary Matthews, Jr.  But alas, it was not enough.

Mark Teixeira remains ice cold.  He went 0-for-3 and his batting average stands at a paltry .182.


Robinson Cano also saw the end of his 18-game hitting streak.

Sunday’s matchup will be the Angels’ Joe Saunders (3-1) against Phil Hughes (1-0).  I   will be in attendance, assuming that the rain stays away.  At the moment, the forecast is calling for a 50% chance of showers. 

I am excited to be making my first trip to the new Stadium…



The latest showdown between Julia (of Julia’s Rants) and myself will be Monday and Tuesday, as the Red Sox invade the Bronx.  Unfortunately, the weather forecast calls for a continued chance of rain through Tuesday. 

Hopefully, the Yankees will make a better showing than they did in their earlier meeting with the Red Sox.  Julia’s birthday is over and it is a new month.  Times have changed, and Julia would look really good in a pink Yankees hat!

Seriously, I don’t want much…two victories against the Red Sox would suit me just fine!

Julia, I hope you had an enjoyable and successful trip to New York.  There’s a good chance that your next “trip” to New York might not prove to be as exciting!




I read where Mark Teixeira has wondered when his defining moment as a Yankee will occur.  Hard to tell when you are only batting a buck and some change.  But I distinctly remember when it happened for Tex’s predecessor, Jason Giambi.  On May 17, 2002, Giambi hit a grand slam on a rainy night in the 14th inning to carry the Yanks to a 13-12 walk off victory over the Minnesota Twins.  Hopefully for Tex, there is magic in the month of May (just like there was for the Giambino).


The Yankees signed pitcher Casey Fossum, who was recently released by the Mets.  I always cringe when the Yanks sign a former Red Sox player.  Fossum was assigned to Triple A Scranton/Wilkes Barre so there’s a chance he’ll never see Yankee Stadium.

On the injury front, the biggest concerns are Derek Jeter and Nick Swisher.  Jeter has a stiff neck.  On the play that caused Angels shortstop Erick Aybar to leave the game in the 1st inning with an upper jaw injury, DJ had slid headfirst into Aybar’s knee on an attempt to steal second.  Aybar had been hurt when the catcher’s throw ricocheted off Jeter’s helmet and hit Aybar in the face.  Jeter didn’t seem too concerned about his neck after the game, but Joe Girardi was a little more cautionary.  Swisher sat out Saturday’s game with the injured elbow (hurt when he was hit by a pitch on Friday night).  So, at the present time, both Jeter and Swisher appear questionable for Sunday’s game. 

Alex Rodriguez played the field for the first time in an extended spring training game against Pittsburgh Pirates minor leaguers.  During five innings, he went 0-for-6, with 2 strikeouts.  It was A-Rod’s third extended spring game (he was DH in the previous two games).  He’ll take Sunday off before participating in another extended spring game on Monday.  There continues to be talk that A-Rod will rejoin the team when they are in Baltimore next weekend.  Chien-Ming Wang pitched in the same extended spring game today and did well (4 IP, no hits or runs, 2 BB, 3 SO).  He seems to be getting better use of his legs, and hopefully, the arm strength is returning. 

Hey Julia, Wally sends his love!

IMG_0060 sm.JPG 

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone! 



A Perfect Night for Yankee Fans…

Coke is definitely the Real Thing! 


d1053-coca-cola.jpg (148137 bytes)


Melky Cabrera got the accolades for the Yankees 7-4 victory over the Anaheim Los Angeles Angels, however, I give the star to Yankees reliever Phil Coke. 


Phil Coke Picture

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images North America


He has quietly and consistently been a reliable weapon in the bullpen.  Considering that most of the guys seem have ERA’s around Yogi Berra’s retired uniform number, it’s refreshing to see Coke come in and just do his job.  He hasn’t been perfect this year, but he is learning and he is getting better.  That’s all I can ask. 


He earned the victory for last night’s game in relief of A.J. Burnett, who went 7 innings and gave up 4 runs.  Coke pitched the 8th inning, with 1 strike out and no runs.  Every day that I don’t see Jose Veras or Damaso Marte coming out of the pen is good day!


Speaking of Cabrera, how clutch was his single in the 8th inning?  He ripped it into right field to score the go-ahead run.  Ramiro Pena subsequently drove in two insurance runs with a double.  They were the first 2 RBI’s of Pena’s major league career.  I still can’t get used to him wearing Dave Righetti’s number even though others, like Aaron Boone and Luis Sojo, have worn it since.


JULY 4, 1983: Dave Righetti celebrates after striking out Boston's Wade Boggs to finish off his no-hitter against the Red Sox.

New York Post


The Yankees always lose to the Angels so it was nice to see them win for a change.  Hopefully, they’ll keep it up since I will be making my first appearance at Yankee Stadium on Sunday (the final game of the 4-game set with the Angels). 


Of course, I have to credit the Yankees recent success on Jane Heller’s Pen.  All hail the Pen!  No pressure on the She-Fan.  She just has to keep the pen happy, safe…and full of ink! 


Magic Pen(satin).jpg

Courtesy Confessions of a She-Fan (Jane Heller)


I wonder if she has taken the Pen to see any of the vineyards in the wine country near Santa Barbara, or if they’ve hung out at the beach.  The primary mission is to keep the Pen happy! 



So, Jane, remember that if you and your husband are in the car and Michael’s driving, the Pen has dibs for the front passenger seat.  You are relegated to the back seat…or worse, the trunk!  Sorry, it is now all about the Pen…




As you know, Julia will be traveling to New York City with 7th and 8th grade musicians from her middle school.  They are attending a music festival.  Most likely, she’ll be attempting to infect the fine citizens of New York with a bad case of Red Sox flu.  Of course, this is all in her dreams, so to protect the good citizens of the city of New York, I have decided to post a dream catcher to ensure that everyone is safe from a Red Sox epidemic.  




The New York State Police should set up a roadblock so that when Julia enters New York, they can confiscate any contraband (i.e., Kevin Youkilis jersey).



Julia, please be sure to check out how the pink Yankee hats look (considering that you’ll be a proud owner of one soon!). 





Watching the Tampa Bay Rays’ Matt Garza nearly throw a perfect game against the Boston Red Sox made me realize that a “perfect” night is anytime the Yankees win and the Red Sox lose.  Last night was one of those nights.  At some point, I should really learn to hate the Rays but so far, I haven’t been able to do it.  There is always great satisfaction in seeing the Rays put one over on the Red Sox, and like last year, if the Yanks can’t win it, it’s good to see someone other than Boston take it (well, except for maybe the Orioles).  Garza came oh so close to a perfect game.  If he could have only handled that grounder up the middle by Jacoby Ellsbury…


Tampa Bay Rays starter Matt Garza pitches against the Boston Red Sox in the first inning of a baseball game, Thursday, April 9, 2009, in Boston.

Michael Dwyer/AP


Why is it that every time you see a player do great things, their name is usually preceded by “former Minnesota Twin”?  The next time the Twins decide to cut a player, I want to make sure that he signs with the Yankees!  So, Erin, please give me the heads-up, okay?  Any chance that the Twins will be cutting Joe Mauer?  LOL!




I have avoided commenting on the latest A-Rod allegations.  I dislike the timing of Selena Roberts’ book (release coincides with his return to the Yankees).  There are apparently claims that Alex used steroids in high school and in New York after he was traded to the Yankees (which contradict A-Rod’s previous statements that he only used steroids in Texas).  At this point, there is nothing gained by repeatedly dragging A-Rod through the mud.  He used steroids, yes, and it is not something that should be condoned.  But it’s over.  Let’s move on.  Let A-Rod be judged for the man he is today.  If he is found to be using steroids from this point forward, then banish him.  But I don’t care what he did when he was 6 years old…


I am not trying to be delusional or hide from the fact that Alex did something very wrong.  But the truth is that steroid use was not a capital offense during the times of his alleged use.  Perhaps if it continued into his Yankee years, it may have but there is no concrete evidence.  If evidence is found, then convict him.  But until then, back off and let the man play baseball. 


Have a great weekend!