The Thrill of Victory…

The fat lady sang…


Thanks to Reggie…I mean Austin…Jackson and his 8th inning grand slam, the Yankees were victorious in the Great Showdown, Part II.  The Yankees won what had been a very tight pitching duel, 7-1, thanks to the late inning heroics of the Bronx Bombers.  I think I am going to enjoy watching A.J. Burnett pitch this year, but more importantly, when is Austin’s ETA to the Bronx?  Wow, that shot was tattooed!



I guess I won’t be researching any Red Sox players tonight!  Hmmm, I wonder who is going to be writing all those Yankee blogs…



By the way, Julia (of Julia’s Rants) reduced my number of blogs to three Red Sox players despite my obligation for more in our previous match-up.  Therefore, I will extend the same courtesy.  She is limited to no more than three positive blogs about current or past Yankees players (or coaches).


Julia, this video is for you…



Until the Yankees and Red Sox meet again…

Well, at least I’ll have a few great blogs read between now and then! 🙂



Dang, I was hoping that nobody would win this one😉 For awhile, it looked like I was going to get my wish, too. Congratulations, Scott! -Erin


Once again, “Congratulations” !!!
* Great pitching effort by A.J. Burnett
* 1-2-3 (16 pitch inning) by Mariano Rivera
* Grand Slam by Austin Jackson
* It all adds up to a 7-1 Yankees victory over the Red Sox
I look forward to Julia’s Yankees blogs !!!
Take care, and have a great night … You earned it !!!
Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

Congrats! Though I was looking forward to reading more about your favorite Red Sox players, I guess I’ll have to wait to the BIG showdown!

Scott – You are too kind! I think you will approve of my first choice and oh yes – there is NO mercy come April 24th – 26th! And thank you so much for the video😉 Hmm – Boston in April; it’s looking good! We’ll have fun!


Hope you are enjoying basking in the glow of victory!

Good job, Scott. You must have sent the Yankees some special “you’ve got to do it” vibes. Now you can rest up for your next wager. I really enjoyed watching AJ, Ajax and Brett, but I can’t forget Mo, who continues to amaze, and Jorge, who is looking stronger and stronger.

I totally have that song stuck in my head now! But that’s actually ok…before that, I had the YMCA playing over and over and over…. UGH! Thank you :O)


It’s better than YMCA, Jenn!

Nice win for the Yankees. Looks like they’re ready for the regular season.

Scott – I think you will be pleased when I post my next blog.😉 And did I mention that I like the song – for Rascal Flatts! I like them also!


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