Latest Yankee Happenings…

While I think that the agreement the Yankees reached with Xavier Nady (one year for $6.65 million) was reasonable under the circumstances, Melky Cabrera’s deal is a joke.  When does a .249 season with 8 home runs and 37 RBI’s warrant more than tripling your income.  The one year $1.4 million deal that the team sealed with Cabrera is rewarding a classic underachiever for more of the same.  Melky must feel like a Lotto winner tonight considering he has done nothing to warrant the huge pay increase…

On March 3rd, Team USA will play the Yankees in an exhibition game.  It will be very strange to see Derek Jeter as an opposing player…even worse watching him flip the ball to Dustin Pedroia or throw across the infield to Kevin Youklis. 

A little more than three weeks before CC Sabathia embarks on his journey from Northern California to Tampa…

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What a gathering of talent the WBC will be! And yes, seeing a favorite player playing for another team with different teammates will take a little getting use to but cheering for your country will be great!


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